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Registro General de Interdiccionesde Acceso al Juego (RGIAJ)
The registration in a register of prohibited prohibits the access of the registered to those games in respect of which the Administration Competent public has determined the need to perform the prior identification of the gambler in order to make effective the the right of citizens to be prohibited from participating in gambling activities. In the event that the registration is made in the Register of Interdictions of the DGOJ, in addition to enforcing the prohibition of access the online game, this information is communicated to the Autonomous Communities in order to be included in the procedures enabled by each of them to prevent access to those games where the respective regional regulations determines the need to verify the lack of registration. Likewise, each Public Administration has determined a specific configuration for its registration of prohibited, establishing the parameters that have been considered most convenient to achieve a more effective protection of the gamblers.  
How do I register?
In person: By submitting form RGIAJ in any of the registries provided in article 16.4 Law 39/2015 Electronic records of the AAPP, post offices Diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad Police commissariats Delegations of finance any other that provides for special regulations It is essential that in the application for presentation the date of receipt in the corresponding public body, or in any other organism. By Internet: In the electronic headquarters of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. (necessary electronic certificate).
What is the validity of the registration? Registration will be for an indefinite period, although it may be request cancellation after 6 months since registration has been practiced. Of the inscriptions In the RGIAJ will be transferred to the CCAA for the inscription in their respective prohibited registries in accordance with the provisions of its regulations.   Application for status certificate in the Registry of Access Gambling Ban Remember that you can request a state certificate in the RGIAJ through the electronic headquarters of the Directorate General of Game Regulation. In the event that you have a digital certificate, the certificate will be provided to you instantaneous way Otherwise, you must print the application and submit it to any registration office.
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