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founding an association
In accordance with the provisions of our articles 3, section e, FECYLJAR, will give guidance to how many people or groups of these, express wishes to be constituted in any type of entity related to the grouped members, channeling them towards the best achievement of their objectives.
According to the data we have Valladolid, Salamanca, Palencia, and Burgos are the some places that have associations for the treatment of gambling addiction, León is in the process of creation of a new organization. It is the wish of FECYLJAR, to contribute to the creation of entities in all provinces of our community
Are you a healthcare professional? Maybe you're familiar with some affected? or maybe you are a person with gambling problems ?, be like if you are interested in the creation of some type of association or entity for the rehabilitation of pathological players and you are willing to deliver your time and effort in helping players and family members to make these recover the life that one day they lost, WE CAN HELP YOU Get in touch with us, give us your project   we will guide you and inform you of the steps to continue to achieve your goals. “He who does not strive for what he wants, does not deserve anyone to help him”