It is created Castilian-Leon Federation rehabilitated gamblers (FECYLJAR) FECYLJAR will work on the dissemination and prevention of gambling in Castilla y León.  On January 27, 2018   Association of Pathological Rehabilitated Players of Valladolid (AJUPAREVA), Rehabilitated Players Association "Miguel Delibes", also from Valladolid, Association of Players in Recovery "El Azar" of Palencia, Burgos Association for the Rehabilitation of Pathological Gambling (ABAJ) and Salamanca Association of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (ASALJAR) met in Valladolid to formalize the creation of the Spanish-Leonese Federation of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (FECYLJAR). FECYLJAR is made up of all the associations that currently work in the prevention and treatment of pathological gambling in Castilla y León. And, since there are no associations in all the provinces of the community, One of its first objectives is to promote the creation of groups of people affected by this addiction. FECYLJAR was born with the first objective of grouping, defending and advising associations dedicated to the treatment and prevention of addiction to gambling; but also with the objective of putting pressure on public entities to take action before a disease that, although it does not generate large expenses for social security, It does have a high social, family and personal cost, even more so when new technologies and sports betting is catching the younger population every day. FFECYLJAR represents all the associations currently working in Castilla y León, with exception of Association of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (ASALJAR)
“Even the darkest night it will end with the sunrise” Fecyljar - United we are stronger
the gambler Théodore Géricault